Hot Springs of Western Canada

There is something vastly alluring about all-natural hot springs. After your first visit to one, time and time again they just seem to have a way of drawing you back in. Just like many other hot spring lovers, I have personally driven over 12 hours just to look for one of these natural mineral pools before. I’m not sure if it’s the minerals in the water or the serene atmosphere that you’re surrounded with; however, I can promise you that you’ll fall in love with them the moment you lay back in one. Fortunately, western Canada has an abundance of these naturally occurring hot tubs to choose from.

My first visit to one of these natural pools was when I stumbled across Lussier Hot Springs, while driving through Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park in British Columbia. Part of the drive to this location is down a narrow, winding, gravel logging road that has a cliff drop off on one side that’s steep enough to make your heart skip a beat. It’s well worth the trip to soak away your worries in the mineral-rich, aqua blue waters that sit in rock pools right next to the Lussier River. After a short hike down a hill, I reached the springs where I sat for hours. I soaked in the minerals along with everything that was going on around me. The sounds of the rushing river and the birds chirping only added to the experience.

After that I was hooked. I quickly planned my next trip to a set of hot springs that I heard about from some locals in British Columbia. This particular location is privately owned and the land owners have asked that the location is not put in any publications to keep it from getting abused , so I will not be giving the name out for these springs. There are three pools at this location. The top being the hottest with water cascading out of it down to the two lower pools, which are much cooler. There is no river nearby to take a dip in, but you are surrounded by lush greenery and giant trees which make up for that. I have gone late at night before and laid my head back and saw more stars than I could count; I even caught a glimpse of a shooting star. Lighting tea light candles and putting them around the pools at night is another way to create a very relaxed and meditative atmosphere. I firmly believe that these hot springs are much better than Lussier because it requires more route finding skills, and also a hike through a forest to reach these them.

After frequenting both of those spots, I figured it was time to head out and find somewhere new to soak. The next location that I went to is called Hot Springs Cove. It’s located a short distance away from Tofino, but it’s only accessible by boat or float plane. I chose to take a boat. After arriving at the dock I walked down a wooden boardwalk through the rainforest and reached the hot springs, which sat next to the ocean. There is a nice sheltered, wooden changing area which looks out over the ocean. These hot springs were unique not only because they presented the possibility to do some whale watching while I soaked, but because every time the tide came in, I could feel the salt water mixing with the mineral water. That was a very interesting sensation. This is a must see location for anyone visiting the Tofino area.

Hot springs are definitely worth the effort it requires to get to them. After bathing in one of these natural pools you are sure to feel rejuvenated and refreshed. I can guarantee that you will never want to step foot into a commercial one again.